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  • We, C&G Maintenance Inc. have been a franchisee with IPG Professional Management Inc. for over 10 years. In those years we have come to appreciate the experience, knowledge and professionalism of a company such as IPG, which in all allows us to also provide a professional and focused personal service to our home owners, as well as receiving from IPG the support and encouragement to grow and expand our business. IPG offers many benefits to a small company such as ours in the form of the accounting, reservations and technical support departments as well as a professional front desk all located within IPG’s very pleasant Welcome Center.

    Accounting - Besides many other duties IPG accountants ensure all management contracts, taxes, escrow accounts, licensing etc. comply with State and County requirements.

    Reservations – The team provide tour operator and direct bookings for the homes that a small company could only ever dream of achieving.

    Technical Support – Over the years I have seen improvement and positive changes and it is because of their innovative incorporation of new technologies that we are now able to provide more online accessibility and services to both owners and their guests with real-time updates and notifications, thus our homeowners are never behind or uninformed of the changes in their property calendars and accounts.

    Carol Moralee - Owner

    C&G Property Maintenance Inc - Part of the IPG Florida Vacation Homes Network

  • Since joining the IPG group as a franchisee in December of 2014, my experience can best be described as encouraging. During the last three years I have personally experience a number of positive changes within the organization which has made the operation of the franchise far more efficient and much less ororous. Of significant importance is the move toward a customer centric operation, placing much emphasis on customer service and the overall customer experience.

    In addition to the significant financial support franchisees received from IPG Corporate, we have seen a major increase in marketing initiatives which includes the use of social media thus creating a much broader global reach. These initiatives have had a positive impact on bookings in the last 12 months and has resulted in greater return on investment for the owners. IPG continues to explore ways of improving the franchise operation and has created several programs designed to assist franchisees in growing their business and ultimately increase operational profits. I am very encouraged by the efforts and direction of IPG Corporate and I am confident that my franchise business will continue to enjoy positive growth in the foreseeable future.

    Lawrence Samuels

    Orlando Star Property Management - Part of the IPG Florida Vacation Homes Network

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